The rain just does not seem like it is going to let up any time soon. It does look like we may have a nice weekend, but rain is back in the forecast Monday. 

Right now is about the time that some gardeners plant onions and potatoes, but with all the rain, gardeners cannot till their ground. Buddy Taylor from Martling said it is too wet and it will probably take 2 good weeks of no rain and lots of sunshine for it to dry up enough to work. He joked about farmers and gardeners always having something to gripe about including too wet, too dry, too hot. 

Doris Bevill from Five Points also said that this rain is delaying her garden. She was hoping to get her onions planted before now, but it won't hurt too bad. She really wanted to plant some blackberry bushes too, but it will have to wait. 

Bevill said she usually plants her main garden around Good Friday and she hopes that we don't have such a dry season like we did last year even though we have all of this rain now. 

Martha Tellefson from Swearengin said her rain gauge topped out over 5 inches so she could not give an accurate total for her area. She said it has rained a lot though. 

These amounts were reported from around the county. The first number is the amount from Friday until Thursday morning and the second is for the month. 

Albertville - 5.3, 11.5 Frank Baker

Martling - 4.3, 9.3 Buddy Taylor

Albertville - 4.2, 9.7, Wallace Scarbrough

Nixon Chapel - 5.3, 9.9 Larry Lambert

Guntersville WGSV - 6.0, 9.3 Kerry Jackson

Guntersville Northtown - 2.3, 5.9 John Gurley

Columbus City - 7.8, 11 Dillard Greenwell

Grant - 6.5, 10.6 Mike Giles

Five Points - 4.8, 9.3 Doris Bevill

Guntersville weather tracker Bob Brown had about 10 inches of rain before the rain Wednesday night into Thursday morning. He said we're well over the average monthly rainfall for February and only halfway through the month.  

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