The latest rainfall really helped those with flowers and gardens. Wallace Scarbrough said the rain certainly helped his wife's flowers. She has all kinds around their house including several hanging baskets. 

Buddy Taylor said it was the perfect rain for his garden. He did not have much growing tall, but the little bit of rain helped his plants shoot up. There may have been 1 or 2 leaves on his okra before the rain, but after the rain it really took off. It is nearly 2 to 3 inches high. 

"Mother nature knows more than we do about watering out plants," Taylor said. 

According to Guntersville weather tracker Bob Brown, this year we have already had 40.9 inches of rain through May and the average rainfall amount for a typical year is 58.3. We have a surplus of 19.7 inches year to date.

May's average rainfall amount is 4.8 inches and on Thursday morning, the rainfall for May was only 1.8 inches. 

Brown will soon be leaving Guntersville to move closer to his children. He is planning on moving the early part of June. 

Doris Benson has had some company at her house. Her sons are up for a visit and she could not be any more happy. She said it has been nice to tell them to behave, although they do mind well. 

Jackie Gandy said there was not even enough rain to wet under her wheelbarrows and the tubs in the back. 

These was the rain amounts around Marshall County for Sunday, May 17, and Monday, May 18. 

Albertville - 1.0, Frank Baker

Martling - 0.5, Buddy Taylor

Albertville -1.3, Wallace Scarbrough

Guntersville WGSV - 0.9, Kerry Jackson 

Guntersville Northtown - 0.6, John Gurley

Guntersville 431-South - 0.9, Bob Brown

Gunter's Landing - 0.3, Doris Benson

Columbus City - 0.7, Dillard Greenwell

Swearengin  - 0.7, Martha Tellefso

Grant - 1.0, Mike Giles

Five Points - 0.6, Doris Bevill

Hebron Community - 1.3, Travis Dickson

Bakers Chapel - 0.3, Jackie Gandy

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