Rain Over The Lake

Michael Kirkpatrick took this picture as he was crossing the river bridge. It shows the rain moving out over Guntersville Lake Saturday morning. 

The rainfall over the past few days has truly helped the gardens to produce. According to several of the people we spoke with, the rain helped their vegetables grow along with the weeds.

Buddy Taylor said that his garden has taken off since the rain started and his tomatoes are thriving. Martha Tellefson also said that her garden is thriving. She was afraid that she would lose a lot because it was so dry and she was having issues with her irrigation system. They have since fixed the issue and the rain has helped tremendously. Mike Giles said that his vegetables have doubled in size since the rain started.

Doris Bevill also said that her garden is thriving even though she did not receive as much rain as other parts of Marshall County. She joked that she must need to have a talk with her preacher because he is not doing it right when it comes to getting the rains there. But she said that her garden is “happy, happy, happy.”

Doris Benson said her son who lives on Georgia Mountain received about four inches of rain which has filled his swimming pool. She said that it was a few inches away from being full, but with the amount of rain that fell over the weekend the pool is now full.

According to Bob Brown, this month we have had 4 days without rain and 5 days with rain. His total for the month of June is 3.3 inches. The average rainfall amount for June is 5.1. On Friday, Brown had a total of 0.7 inches for the month so the rest of the rainfall happened over the rest of the day Friday and over the weekend.

The following were the rainfall amounts from around the county from Thursday, June 6, until Monday, June 10:

Martling — 3.3, Buddy Taylor

Albertville — 3.8, Wallace Scarbrough

Nixon Chapel — 2.6, Larry Lambert

Guntesville WGSV — 3.1, Kerry Jackson

Guntersville Northtown — 3.7, John Gurley

Guntesville 431-South — 3.3, Bob Brown

Guntersville 79-South — 3.3, Mary Woodward

Gunter’s Landing — 2.8, Doris Benson

Swearengin — 2.4, Martha Tellefson

Grant — 2.9, Mike Giles

Five Points — 1.5, Doris Bevill

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