To the Advertiser-Gleam:

I am happy to accept Mr. Kennamer’s invitation to comment on the Harbor Project. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but just neglected to do so.

I think it is shameful that one individual has had the audacity to stymie this amazing opportunity for the City of Guntersville. Everything I can see, and understand, about the proposed development would be a positive for the City, for Marshall County, for the residents of both, for visitors and tourists (on which much of our economy is based), for the patrons of boating events and fishing tournaments, for which the area has gained fame. In short, for everyone except the lone individual who seems H...bent on stopping it.

The fact that the developer will, may, or might benefit financially from bringing the project to fruition is not a defensible reason for anyone to try to prevent it. In my opinion, we are fortunate beyond measure that one of our own—not some foreign conglomerate—has had the vision, has demonstrated that he has the ability and the know how, has the resources (or access to them) for pulling it off, and is willing to accept the risks that accompany any business venture, much less one of this size.

I have been a business owner and property owner in Marshall County for nearly 40 years. I have many ties to Guntersville and the County through organizational work and volunteerism. I share the feeling of pride that I sense among my peers, friends, and business associates who call Guntersville and Marshall County home. A pride born of the exceptionalism of our natural setting, the uniqueness of Lake Guntersville with its far-reaching reputation and attraction, and the economic and recreational opportunity derived from all of this. The Harbor Project, as it has been represented, would be an additional enhancement to the lifestyle we already enjoy. In my view, the sooner it can happen, the better!

Jean McCrady

Guntersville, Ala.

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