To the Advertiser-Gleam:

One learned-lesson from our current crisis that I hope is carried on afterward is the need for more frequent and better handwashing.

A suggestion I would have for places of business would be to have sinks, soap and paper towels (preferred over air dryers) to be located outside of the restrooms. For example, personally, if I am in a restaurant, instead of going to the restroom to wash my hands, I am more likely to use hand sanitizer at my table, which obviously is not as effective (but better than nothing).

I don't believe going into even the well-maintained public restrooms makes us feel as clean as washing hands outside of them would.

And in restrooms, well-intentioned handwashers often inadvertently use their bare, "clean" hands to turn off the faucet & touch the doorknob.

A bonus positive would be that more would hand-wash to avoid being shamed as they are seen exiting the restroom (tough luck if they had only gone in to comb their hair or check their makeup).

For schools and public places that struggle with paper towels being thrown into toilets and on the floor, outside sinks would prevent this problem as well.

I do recall handwashing areas outside the restrooms at "Cook Out" fast-food restaurants & "El Camino Real" in Guntersville, but none others come to my mind, though I'm sure there are some.

I hope any public place will consider this when planning for construction or re-modeling.

Thank you for reading.

Alan Thacker

Douglas, Alabama

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