To the Advertiser-Gleam:

By law, the City Council has control of all the money and of all the property in the city.

The people and at least some of the Council did not even know about the harbor development till a week before they passed it. One Councilman told me he didn’t know till Friday before it passed on Monday, and said “but they convinced me.”

In the resolution, the Council stated the property was “not being used.” So why did they say the fishing tournaments would have to find someplace else to go? And picnickers, and truck shows and tractor shows, and fishermen, including the Cast for a Cure event.

After they passed it, the Council unanimously gave the mayor complete control and authority over it, which is against their sworn duties. So, I guess we will not hear about anything else approved at the harbor since they ceded all duty of approval to the mayor.(It won’t be in the minutes.) Then the Planning Board approved the project now in progress without even knowing what it was to be. Utter nonsense.

I have a copy of the lease, but I didn’t get it from the website where it “shall be posted for at least 30 days,” by law. It was not there.

In the lease, it says the project includes “high density, multi-family residential.”

What that is all about, the lease doesn’t explain. Retailers, is the city beginning to buy and lease property to companies for retail stores? If so, it’s a new phenomenon in government. I wonder what the real estate people think of that. Wait, there are some on the Council you might ask. Is the city now in competition with its citizens or is there something going on we don’t know about?

I have yet to find in the lease where the developer can tear down a perfectly good and valuable building belonging to and being used by the city, to use for a private business concern, which was done at the silo parcel. After tearing it down, the city went to Conners Island and is building a replacement for $400,000. Senseless.

All these doings seems to me to be totally unconstitutional as I read the constitution. The drawing you saw of the ballfields along with some engineering (survey) work cost us $1.2 million. Awful.

It is about a year before city elections. I suggest a lot of study be given before we continue down this path of fiscal irresponsibility and moral decline.

Hopefully competent people will step up and run to take hold of the city and begin to do what is good for the citizens and their children. We’ve been let down.

Joel Kennamer

Guntersville, Ala.

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