To the Advertiser-Gleam:

We thought it was for a new school, but according to the school leaders, it is for capital improvements of any kind, and can include a new school.

That is what was said about the 9 mil ad valorem tax at Monday night’s City Council meeting and the Council seemed to be leaning toward more tuition fees than the $300 outside city limits people now pay.

Now, it was said a new high school would cost around $40 million and was needed to keep up the 26-28 credit hours now required by the city schools. The county requires 24.

I went to DAR and we didn’t have this issue to deal with, but I now live in the city and my kids went to Guntersville and I have a grandchild in the high school now and as a taxpayer I am against the tax and here is why.

The Council just passed a 1 cent sales tax that could have built a new school and paid for it in 13 or 14 years. ($40 million divided by $3 million/year tax revenue) But nooooo, this mayor (and Council) had to allocate $17 million dollars for a redesign of the ballfields, a tunnel under Highway 69, and other non-necessary, in fact, wasteful spending, so I’m not about to vote for more taxes.

Joel Kennamer


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