To the Advertiser-Gleam:

Neighbors are fearful after a near dog attack in our community. It happened late last month.

After our casual "good morning" greetings, things turned very bad for a distant neighbor walking a leashed dog. Two unrestrained big dogs snarling and growling charged straight on toward the pedestrian with the leashed animal. 

The young woman walking her pet stopped dead in her tracks as the two K-9 aggressors challenged her space and her well-being. It sounded like beasts fighting in the wild, shocking and frightening. 

While I yelled and banged a metal bar on my fence distracting the vicious attackers, the neighbor turned and retreated with her pet. 

I learned later, other than the terror she experienced, the victim was physically OK. Her pet suffered minor bite wounds. 

Mace sprayed repeatedly did not deter whatsoever the two dogs that attacked. 

And one of the two suspect attacking dogs had significant injury and a $300 vet bill. What could happen next?


Steven Istenes

1080 Honeycomb Road

Grant, AL 35747

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