To the Advertiser-Gleam:

In response to the June 9 Advertiser-Gleam article: "Want monument moved to cemetery," I envision a scene from "The Wizard of Oz." The scarecrow wants a brain, the tin man, a heart, and the lion, courage.

Not far behind them would be Unique Dunston and Herb Neu hoping for an ounce of credibility.

For Ms. Dunston, two examples readily come to mind. First, I'm sure the readers remember the ever-changing names of her organization: Say Their Name, Say Their Name Alabama, Project Say Something, and now Reclaiming Our Time. Why is that Ms. Dunston? I'm sure the readers can all speculate with well educated answers.

Secondly, how can the citizens of Marshall County, especially its VETERANS, take you seriously after your organization was photographed, on Veterans Day 2020, standing on the Albertville American Legion War Memorial, which is dedicated " memory of all our veterans who lost their lives in military service to our country during the four wars."

Have you and your members no shame?! So, you and your organization have not only zero respect and tolerance for Confederate Memorials/dead, but also U.S. Military memorials/dead as well?!

Will the American Legion Memorial need to be removed next? Why stop there? every war memorial in DC should be removed to a cemetery, right?

Now for Mr. Neu. There is no such membership as an "honorary member," current or former (as you self-described), of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The national headquarters provides very handsome membership certificates to all that join. Can you produce your nationally certified "honorary member" certificate, Mr. Neu? I didn't think so.

The citizens of Marshall County are sick and tired of the lies and hate America first Marxist cancel culture,  especially when it comes to Confederate Monuments, Confederate Flags, and U.S. military monuments that state and represent nothing more than a way to remember those family members who never made it back home, in this case to Marshall County.

In the end, the scarecrow already had a brain, the tin man a heart, and the lion his courage. I highly doubt even the wizard will be able to help with neither the credibility, nor the integrity issues that are so plainly illustrated here.

Lt. Col. John T. Coffindaffer

USAF (ret)

Combat Air Rescue

Marshall County

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