To the Advertiser-Gleam:

I’ve been wanting a crossword puzzle in the Advertiser-Gleam for quite some time.

You are almost there as regards the cross-word puzzle submitted in last Saturday's paper. The size of the puzzle was fine as it should be somewhere around a quarter of the newspaper page. I would think most folks enjoy folding the paper as described and supporting same in the lap area to work through solving.

The puzzle itself might have been too difficult. The referenced puzzle approaches something as would be submitted in say, the "New York Times."

Your readers should look forward to having an opportunity for working on cross-word puzzles not cringe at the sight of them. I would be interested in seeing how your readership accepts this latest puzzle offering as currently submitted.

You might provide less coverage to the coronavirus epidemic. Apparently, nobody cares, as it seems very few people in this area of Marshall County adhere to the guidance for the wearing of masks and distancing.

Finally, I wonder if the TVA has looked into any studies regarding the benefit/cost ratio for the use of weed poisons versus the idea of providing dredging where shallow water is of a concern.

It seems to me that the deeper the water the less the problem of weed growth one would have. There is a single private source available last I checked that can offer dredging on Guntersville Lake. The price quoted to me was much too high. Some people having property on the lake pay for monthly spraying. This cost is around $115 dollars per month.

Shelton York

Guntersville, AL

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