The Health Department inspected these food establishments in January and issued these grades.

One business was shut down for a failing grade. The businesses are listed based on their grade from lowest to highest:

Jessy’s Tacos & Tortas, G’ville, 39, closed for remediation.

Thai Basil, G’ville, 70

The Brick, G’ville, 72

Jugo’s Naturales II, A’ville, 75

Three Way Grocery, A’ville, 79

Charburger, G’ville, 81

Taqueria y Restaurante Mi Princess, Boaz, 81

Arby’s, Arab, 82

Krystal Kwik, Boaz, 83

Food Basket, A’ville, 83

Almolonga MiniMarket, Boaz, 83

La Orquidea Restaurant, A’ville, 83

China Buffet, Boaz, 83

BP Food Mart, A’ville, 84

Jet Pet 73, Boaz, 84

Grumpy’s Pizza, Arab, 84

Local Joe’s, G’ville, 85

Waffle House, A’ville, 85

Cazadores Fresh Mexican Grill, Grant, 85

Huddle House, G’ville, 86

Granny’s Corner, G’ville, 86

Empresas La Poblana Restaurant, A’ville, 86

Main Channel Brewery, G’ville, 86

La Orquidea, Bakery, A’ville, 86

Favorite Markets, G’ville, 86

Cherokee Ridge, Union Grove, 86

Capt. D’s, Boaz, 86

Boaz Food Mart, 86

Mt. Fuji, Arab, 87

Sante Fe, A’ville, 87

Subway, Arab Walmart, 87

Los Arcos, Arab, 88

Boaz Food Mart, 88

Jack’s, Boaz, 88

Cedar Lodge, G’ville, 88

Tienda Maya II, A’ville, 88

Sandy’s Road House, G’ville, 88

Porky’s, Grant, 88

Lake Grocery, G’ville, 88

Gilliam Springs Child Dev., Arab, 89

Walmart Bakery, Boaz, 89

MinitMan 319, G’ville, 89

Stach & Co., G’ville, 89

Still Water Bar and Grill, G’ville, 89

Neena’s Courthouse Grill, G’ville, 89

Capt. D’s, G’ville, 89

Pier 69, G’ville, 89

Paul’s, G’ville, 90

Pasquale’s Pizza, Boaz, 90

Popeye’s, Boaz, 90

Wendy’s, Boaz, 90

Giovanni’s, A’ville, 90

Bakers on Main, G’ville, 90

Town Creek, G’ville, 90

Burger King, G’ville, 90

Bojangles, A’ville, 91

Convenient Mart, A’ville, 91

El Rinconcito, A’ville, 91

Blackmon’s Fuel, A’ville, 91

El Camino Real, G;ville, 91

Sammy T’s Auction, Douglas, 91

Sakura, G’ville, 92

Café 336, G’ville, 92

Arby’s, A’ville, 92

Wintzell’s, G’ville, 92

Leo’s Latino, Boaz, 92

Marco’s Pizza, A’ville, 92

McDonald’s, A’ville, 92

Quality Inn, Arab, 93

Empresas La Poblana, A’vile, 93

Barry’s Mtntop Auction, G’ville, 93

Piggly Wiggly Meat Mkt., G’ville, 93

Piggly Wiggly Produce, G’ville, 93

A’ville Jet Pep, 93

Hyatt Community Store, Horton, 93

KFC, Boaz, 94

Ruby’s Mexican Grill, A’ville, 94

Sonic, A’ville, 94

Tacos El Paso, A’ville, 94

Life is Sweet, Grant, 94

Dairy Queen, Boaz, 94

Pizza Hut, Arab, 95

Foodland Bakery, G’ville, 95

Foodland Meat Mkt., G’ville, 95

Willmore Supplements, G’ville, 95

G’ville Child Development, 95

GA Foods, G’ville, 95

Foodland Produce, G’ville, 96

Arab Kids Kollege, 96

Jack’s, Arab, 96

Light House Café, Horton, 96

Foodland, Grant, 96

Mater’s Pizza, A’ville, 96

Nutricion San Miguel, A’ville, 96

Empresas La Poblana – Tortilleria, A’ville, 97

Chick Fil A, G’ville, 97

Foodland Seafood, G’ville, 98

Walmart Bakery, G’ville, 98

Walmart Produce, G’ville, 98

AFC Sushi at Publix, G’ville, 99

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