The winter homeless ministry Room in the Inn (RITI) will open their doors on November 25 for their 8th season.

The participants need a picture ID, will have to be able to pass a drug and alcohol test along with a background check. The background check includes violent crime and sexual offensives.

The ages vary for the participants in RITI, according to director Shirley Chupp. They have had a child as young as 6 months and an adult as old as 80. If a child under the age of 18 is a part of RITI, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Chupp said most of the people who attend RITI are individuals, but there have been several families. She said the largest family they have had so far is 7, a couple and their 5 children.

RITI helps the people in the program establish an address, a phone number and transportation. They assist in helping find jobs and transportation to and from the job.

The participants in RITI have day program. In this program, there are classes on spiritual development, finance, anger management, job readiness and relationships.

Chupp said they are looking for individual volunteers who can provide instruction, transportation and meals.

RITI is having some struggles, but Chupp said God will provide. With their building at LifePoint Church catching fire last year, they are preparing for the upcoming season. They are looking into building a new building to be up to fire code. She said it would be cheaper to build than it would be to remodel an existing building without the right equipment.

For more information or if your church would like to be a participant, contact 256-577-9232. Please note that the voicemail is incorrect. For the most up-to-date information visit their facebook page:

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