Marshall County was supposed to have a runoff election on March 31. But Gov. Kay Ivey postponed the race until July 14 due to COVID-19 circumstances.

Probate judge Andrea LeCroy was one of those breathing a sigh of relief when the delay came. She had some serious issues to address had the election gone on as scheduled.

It was initially thought that Alabama law would not allow the runoff to be delayed. But Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, the former Marshall County DA, issued a ruling saying it could be delayed and that’s what Gov. Ivey did.

Before the delay was announced, the Secretary of State’s office had issued guidance for county election officials to have antiseptic wipes and sanitizer on hand for the election and its pollworkers. But you know how hard those items have been to find.

LeCroy and her staff were looking far and wide to try to find the items to no avail.

Even more concerning to LeCroy was her pollworkers and the polling places. The average pollworker in Marshall County is age 70 or above, the very people who most need to practice social distancing.

LeCroy was also hearing from some polling place that they’d shut down to the public and there was question not just whether she’d have enough workers but even have places to hold the election.

It was shaping up to be a nightmare for the local election officials when word came that the runoff would indeed be delayed.

The big race in the runoff election is the Republican Senate race between former federal Attorney General and Senator Jeff Sessions and former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville. Locally, there’s a District 3 Commission runoff between incumbent David Kelley and challenger Lee Sims.

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