Sarah & Her Baked Goods

Sarah Webster stands with her large display case of baked goods at the Farmers Market. 

When she was just 3 years old, Sarah Webster’s older sisters let her bake cookies with them.

She fell in love with baking and that love has just grown over the years.

Now 24, Sarah has been baking croissants, homemade bread and other special treats and selling them as a “value added” item at the Guntersville Farmers Market for 2 years now.

She went to Culinard School in Birmingham and is a certified pastry chef.

She lives with her parents Eric and Robin Webster on Georgia Mountain.

Her mother doesn’t mind her taking over the kitchen at home.

It’s a multi-day process to produce both the croissants and the sourdough bread. So Sarah works at her home-based business a lot.

Sourdough bread is probably her favorite item that she makes. She makes a couple extra loaves each week for her own family to enjoy.

She’s developed some regular customers who often stop by to purchase her items at the market. Her age surprises some customers since she doesn’t look a little old lady baker.

“They will say, ‘Who made this?’ and I will say, ‘I did,’” Sarah said.

She’s at the Market just about every Saturday and lately has been attending on Thursdays too. Once upon a time, she thought she might like to start her own bakery but she’s not sure that’s what she wants to do now.

“I’d prefer to have a CSB, a community supported bakery,” she said.

That’s similar to a farm cooperative, where people buy a membership and get a basket of produce weekly. But instead of a basket of fruits and vegetables, you’d get baked goods in the model Sarah is considering.

Her father is a woodworker and he made the large glass display case that she uses to display her wares. On any given market day, she will have 12 or 15 different varieties of baked items.

The croissants are often flavored, such as chocolate or chocolate nut. 

She made wedding cakes previously, but has given that up. It’s an intensive process, especially the decorating.

"Some of the things you put on a wedding cake, you can't even eat," Sarah said. 

She very much prefers baking croissants, bread and her other specialties. 

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