Rep. Randall Shedd

Rep. Randall Shedd

State Rep. Randall Shedd, Fairview, was recently presented the 2019 Legislative Leadership Award by the Alabama Association of Regional Councils (AARC) during its Annual Conference held at the Lodge at Gulf State Park.

Shedd's legislative district includes part of Marshall County.

The conference is held each year to provide training and educational information sharing with state agencies, county governments, municipalities and staff on senior services, economic development and transportation related issues.

Shedd received the award for his unwavering support and advocacy to enhance rural and urban development, senior services and broadband throughout the state. Rep. Shedd also serves as the chairman of the House Rural and Urban Development Committee.

Shedd, speaking to nearly 400 attendees at the conference, thanked the staff for their tireless work ethic and was honored to accept the award among his member colleagues.

“I would like to thank you for service to so many of Alabama’s citizens and one of my goals as a legislator is to reduce poverty in our state," said Shedd, ”Please let me know what I can do to support your efforts and I believe that we can help solve that together.”

AARC Chairman John Clyde Riggs presented the award and commended Shedd for representing the his district with dignity and for his service to the State of Alabama.

“Rep. Shedd has shown real leadership and we think it’s fitting, this year, to recognize those that have not only supported us in Montgomery, but have worked with our organizations in past roles and can advocate our issues from experience,” said Riggs.

The Regional Planning Commissions have received state funding for the last 22 years from the State of Alabama, providing technical assistance to fund programs designed to make significant contributions to local communities. Some of these funds are also used as matching capital to create jobs through the Revolving Loan Fund, enhance community development, and provide senior services.

The AARC is composed of 12 regional planning commissions. A regional planning commission is a public organization that directly serves local governments through local and/or state government laws.

They function through communication, planning, policy making, coordination, advocacy and technical assistance to local governments and citizens in a region.

To learn more about AARC and its programs please visit

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