Wallace State Community College congratulates these Marshall County students who were named to the President's List or Dean's List for the Spring 2021 semester. 

Bryanna Allensworth of Arab, Dean's List

Devin Anderson of Guntersville, Dean's List

Tyler Bradford of Arab, Dean's List

Russell Burdett of Arab, President's List

Savanah Butler of Albertville, Dean's List

Hunter Byrams of Guntersville, Dean's List

Allison Carroll of Arab, President's List

Nickolas Cater of Arab, President's List

Kyle Chandler of Arab, President's List

Russell Chandler of Arab, Dean's List

Morgan Clark of Guntersville, Dean's List

Johnathan Clutts of Guntersville, Dean's List

Jacqueline Cordova of Horton, President's List

Emily Couch of Arab, President's List

Abigail Currier of Union Grove, Dean's List

Kayla Dennard of Horton, Dean's List

Ayla Dewald of Arab, President's List

Trey Elledge of Guntersville, Dean's List

Ashlyn Floyd of Arab, Dean's List

Soledad Franco of Albertville, Dean's List

Joanna Green of Arab, Dean's List

April Harvell of Horton, President's List

Caitlyn Hunkeapillar of Boaz, President's List

Gloria Johanson of Arab, Dean's List

Kylie Kirby of Arab, Dean's List

William Kirkland of Guntersville, President's List

Kambri Lacey of Guntersville, Dean's List

Tessa Lang of Guntersville, Dean's List

Nicholas Little of Albertville, Dean's List

Nancy Martinez Guzman of Albertville, President's List

Emma McGee of Albertville, Dean's List

Alex Munoz of Boaz, Dean's List

David Nance of Guntersville, Dean's List

Emily Nelson of Arab, Dean's List

Christa Norberg of Boaz, President's List

Brenda Ocegueda of Horton, Dean's List

Alexandra Phillips of Arab, Dean's List

Chandler Phillips of Guntersville, Dean's List

Chloe Putman of Woodville, Dean's List

Ashton Quick of Horton, Dean's List

Annalia Quillin of Arab, President's List

Avery Revelez of Arab, Dean's List

Kimberly Rivas of Arab, President's List

Jerardo Rodriquez of Albertville, Dean's List

Jon Royster of Albertville, Dean's List

Savannah Rutledge of Albertville, Dean's List

Kayleigh Sampson of Albertville, President's List

Jonathan Shepard of Arab, Dean's List

Amanda Story of Arab, Dean's List

Joseph Taylor of Arab, Dean's List

Sydney Taylor of Guntersville, President's List

Caitlyn Vandiver of Albertville, President's List

Colton White of Arab, Dean's List

Anna-Scott Woods of Albertville, Dean's List

Natalie Yanhko of Union Grove, Dean's List

James Young of Boaz, Dean's List

Denise Zaragoza of Albertville, Dean's List

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