Guntersville Elementary principal John Doyle (left) and Supt. Brett Stanton recently showed State School Board member Dr. Cynthia McCarty around Guntersville Elementary. Stanton explained that classroom space and updating the lunchroom are the pressing needs at the elementary school. 

Cynthia McCarty, the State School Board member for this district, is very much a hands-on board member. 

She visited the Schools of Guntersville and toured them last fall. She came back and visited again recently. 

Guntersville Supt. Brett Stanton was her tour guide, along with the principals of the various schools. McCarty asked about the issues facing the schools and what their most pressing needs are. 

Just as she said last year, on her most recent visit, she said she saw excellence throughout the Guntersville school system. 

"I see teachers who are engaged and really care about their students," McCarty said. "You don't see that everywhere."

She is the District 6 representative on the State School Board. She  served for 4 years and was re-elected last year without opposition. The School Board seat is her second job. Her “day job” is as a professor of economics at Jacksonville State University.

"I like to get out and visit in the schools as often as my schedule allows," McCarty said. 

Stanton related her visit to the City School Board at its last meeting. 

"In both Georgia and Alabama, I've never had a state school board member who comes around like she does," he said. 

He said it's good to know he has a board member he can call when he has an issue coming before the state board that he'd like to weigh in on. 

Likewise, she likes to know boots-on-the-ground educators she can call for guidance on issues that come before the State Board. 

There are 21 school systems in her district, which stretches from Ft. Payne to Decatur and south to St. Clair County. 

They were testing at Guntersville High the day she visited, so she got to see the other 3 schools but not that one. 

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