The U.S. Supreme Court will not review the death penalty case against Jessie Phillips, who killed his wife and their unborn baby in a car wash at Warrenton in 2009.

The Phillips case was the first conviction under the Brody Law, which makes the killing of a mother and her unborn child a capital offense. It was named for Brody Parker, the unborn son of slain Brandy Parker. The killer in that case has never been brought to justice.

Attorney General Steve Marshall — who prosecuted Jessie Phillips as Marshall County’s then-district attorney — announced that the high court had declined to review several Alabama death penalty cases, including Phillips. His office gave an outline of the Phillips case:

“On February 27, 2009, Jessie Phillips held his pregnant wife, Erica Phillips, in a headlock and pointed a gun to her head. She broke away and ran, but Phillips shot her in the head, killing her. The crime occurred in Guntersville and was prosecuted by Steve Marshall when he was district attorney of Marshall County. This case was the first prosecution under Alabama’s state law for murder of an unborn baby. In 2012, Phillips was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.”

The other cases denied included two for murders

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of police officers in other parts of the state.

“In each of these cases, a life or lives were tragically and viciously taken and a just sentence of death for the killer was handed down,” Marshall said in a statement. “Police officers were carrying out their duties to protect citizens, as they do every day, and they paid the ultimate price. A mother and her unborn child, and three more women, were brutally killed. The U.S. Supreme Court this week acted in its role as a last resort of justice, rightfully letting stand the convictions and sentences for these vile crimes.”

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