Alanna Allison, her three kids and her mother enjoyed the warm weather on Friday afternoon at the Guntersville City Park. 

Allison said the reason they went to the park was because it was not raining. It is also not cold and the weather was perfect for the outing. 

"I figured with everything going around, there would not be a lot of kids here," she said. 

The family needed to get out before they actually were stuck inside the home. They all love the outdoors and had to get out. It has been fun for the grandmother to enjoy the grandchildren. She is s a bus driver and is enjoying getting extra time to spend with her grandchildren. 

Allison said they are taking precautions by making sure everyone washes their hands when they get home. 

Washing their hands after playing at the park is just normal. They are not doing anything that is way out of the normal routines when it comes to protecting themselves from COVID-19. 

She joked about making sure the kids are not licking the playground equipment, but she said other than that, they are just making sure the kids stay safe. 

This is the first time her kids have been out since the rainy weather had let up some. She said the kids needed this time to play. It may get bad and they will be confined to staying home, so she was letting them enjoy some sunshine. 

She said there are a lot of people who questioned why she went to the park with the kids. She simply said because she wants them to have fun. 

If there were a lot of people at the park, she said she would have gone home, but when they arrived at the park they were the second ones there. There were about 10 or so kids playing when the interview took place, but several of those were in different areas. 

"It is not raining and it is not cold, so let them enjoy being outside for a few hours," she said. 

Dominick (4), Damian (3), and Ara (1) were playing around on all of the equipment. Dominick really enjoyed getting his picture taken, but at first Damian did not want his picture taken. By the end of the interview, he was ready to have one taken. 

The Allison kids made fast friends with Bransyn Gibbs. He also liked to pose for pictures. 

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