Buddy Taylor

Buddy Taylor

Buddy Taylor, the Martling farmer and Advertiser-Gleam rain reporter, had a good outcome on his heart procedure this week.

Buddy got a new valve in his heart, a valve made from part of a cow’s ear.

He went in at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, was on the operating table 30 minutes and got to come home Wednesday morning. The entire process has been nothing short of amazing. About the longest part of it was doing all the paperwork to get out of the hospital. You know how that goes if you’ve ever been in the hospital.

The procedure was done at Huntsville Hospital, which has the Heart Center nearby.

“There’s a big valve where blood leaves your heart and goes into your body,” Buddy said. “Mine was only working at 40 percent. They cut into the artery on each of my legs and went up one side with the new valve and the other side with a camera.”

That’s a big improvement over just a few years ago, when they had to crack your chest to replace a valve.

“The valve has springs that hold it in place, like the springs that hold a stent in place,” Buddy said.

Buddy, who is 80, was a little concerned about what the replacement might mean for his future activity level. He’s under orders to take it easy and not pick up anything weighing more than 10 pounds until he goes back for his 7-day checkup next week.

“I told the doctor, ‘I like to garden. Do you think by next spring I will be able to run a hand tiller in my garden?’” Buddy said. “He said, ‘Buddy, I want to see you in 7 days. If everything looks good, you can go home that afternoon and run your tiller.”

He said the doctor told him once he heals, he will feel like he’s 25 years old. So we asked him how felt the day I got out of the hospital.

“I feel like I’m 25 years old,” Buddy said.

The valve had a calcium buildup in it. The doctors told him it’s just one of those things that happens. They said if he’d lived his life by the pages of a health book, he still would have gotten it.

The doctors want him to do a lot of walking as he recovers, including walking up and down some steps.

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