Anthony Campbell

To the readers of the Advertiser-Gleam who were offended by my column in Saturday’s paper, I am truly sorry.

If you missed it, the gist of the column was that the current shutdown of society due to the COVID-19 pandemic will enact a terrible financial toll on many, many people.

I said it seemed as though the cure was worse that the disease, since the majority of people who get it have only mild to moderate illness. 

My commentary missed the mark and I should have chosen my words more carefully.

I came across as calloused to the human suffering this terrible disease can exact and that was not my intention. My aim was simply to make people think about the economic catastrophe we are facing. Some economic experts are saying it could rival the Great Depression. 

God forbid that we lose a single soul in Marshall County to this terrible disease. Although there have been no cases reported, I fear that may just be due to lack of testing. 

I salute the brave doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals who stand on the front lines ready to address whatever outbreak we may have locally. I thank you and I would not want to be in your shoes.

I am prayerful that COVID-19 will largely skip Marshall County. For that to happen, it is important for us to follow the guidelines of “social distancing.” Some of us have done a pretty good job of that. Some of us have not. We all need to take the guidelines seriously. My family and I largely have. Why risk it when you don’t have to?

But please know that serious economic fallout is still to come, fallout that could perhaps impact our society for years to come.

I am not alone in my worry that we could be facing the most serious economic crisis of our lives. About the same time that my column came out, both the Wall Street Journal and the Federalist also published editorials that were very similar to what I’d said, although no doubt more eloquent.

Shutting down a nation is not that hard, as we have seen lately.

Getting it back into gear may be much more difficult.

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