Anthony Campbell

Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing are a huge pain in the rear. No one agrees with this more than myself. 

But we have all - myself included - kind of gone "hog wild" since the state ended the shutdown and opened up everything again. And we are paying the price with positive COVID-19 cases going through the roof. 

Here's the deal, as I see it. We all need to wear masks when we go to the grocery store and places like that. We have to maintain social distancing. 

If we don't, I fear we could face another shutdown. Our economy is rebounding. We don't need another shutdown. 

In March and April, when we had the shutdown, I didn't know a soul with COVID-19. I counted 8 or 10 people I knew with the illness late last week. It's hitting close to home. 

An acquaintance, who happens to have close relatives who are medical doctors, called me Monday to talk about it. 

"I think we are paying the price now for Memorial Day weekend," he said. "And I shudder to think what could be ahead with the 4th of July this weekend."

I want businesses to continue recovering. 

I want school to start this fall. 

I definitely want sports to resume in September. 

If we all don't take a few more precautions, I fear those things may be in in jeopardy.

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend. But, please, take COVID-19 precautions. I plan to have a quiet holiday at home with my loved ones. We will eat barbecue, swim, fish, maybe shoot a fireworks or two and it will be fun. 

I'd advise everyone to just remember as we head into the holiday that COVID-19 is still very real and the precautions we take now could impact how well our county's recovery continues into August and September. 

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