Buddy Pettry

In the past, Guntersville Fire/Rescue has run a very limited amount of calls concerning turkey fryers, but the danger is certainly there and people must know the proper methods for frying a turkey. 

The following tips for turkey frying are published by the National Fire Administration:   

  1.  Your fryer must be placed on a sturdy and level surface well away from anything that will burn, including your house and wooden deck.
  2. All kids and pets must be kept clear of the fryer by 3 feet at all times while in use.
  3. Don't overfill your pot with cooking oil. Determine the correct amount of oil needed by first placing the turkey in the pot with water.
  4. Make sure the turkey is completely thawed before your fry it or it could cause hot oil to splatter and pop out.
  5. Turkey fryers can easily overheat and start a fire.  You must check your oil temperature often with a thermometer so the oil won't overheat.
  6. The pot, lid and the handles of a turkey fryer can get dangerously hot and cause burn injuries.  Make sure to use long cooking gloves that protect your hands and arms when you handle these items.

If these tips are not followed, it could turn out to be a disastrous situation.  Also check out the YouTube video, "NFPA, Dangers of Turkey Fryers."  If you must fry a turkey for this year's Thanksgiving feast, please make sure to follow all the proper directions and call 911 immediately if you have an issue.

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