Just about everyone who works at the Army Recruiting Office in Guntersville has been a part of the War on Terror. Staff sergeant (SSG) Frankie Dupree went to Iraq in 2010 for 12 months and Afghanistan for 9 months in 2014. All the recruiters in the local office had different jobs in the Army.

Dupree joined at 18 because he wanted to be an infantryman. They showed a video of all these soldiers shooting guns and kicking in doors. He asked if the Army was going to pay for him to do that and his recruiter told him that it would. He knew that is what he wanted to do and told them to sign him up.

He did it for 7-1/2 years with two combat deployments. Once he came back, he married his high school sweetheart who he had known since 10th grade. Together they have 3 children and they decided that he needed to do something different.

While he was in Afghanistan, he was part of their first ever presidential election. He was part of the security and helped them through the whole process. He described the experience as awesome and he was grateful to be a part of that. He was glad to be a part of that because it was showing them growing as a country.

After submitting a volunteer packet to be an Army recruiter, he requested to be stationed in Alabama. He was given the assignment to Selma, where he worked for 2 years. He liked the recruiting aspect of it so much that he converted to where he will be in the recruiting business until he retires.

He tells people all the time that as their life changes, they have the opportunity to change their Army career as well. You do not have to stick with one career for 20 plus years, you can change it up some. As your life changes, your goals change.

Dupree said not too long ago, his goal was to be in special operations, but he had a family and that changed his goals. He wanted to be there for his family and concentrate on getting his degree. He started thinking more long term and retirement.

The recruiters love telling of their experience in the Army and will share with anyone who wants to listen to their stories. They want to show that their experiences in the Army are very unique and that no one has the same story to share.

For instance, there is one recruiter who worked on helicopters, but Dupree has no knowledge of that because that was not his job in the Army. In his Iraq deployment, he kicked in doors and went on patrol. His second deployment was a lot different because he was part of a personal security detail for a brigade commander who was in charge of about 2,500 troupes.

In that deployment, he flew all around Afghanistan and provided security. It was an awesome experience, he said.

Now, he is recruiting at the Guntersville Army Office. He was successful at his previous recruiting agency and had the opportunity to convert to the office in Guntersville. He signed his new contract and took over Guntersville’s recruiting agency.

He was glad to be able to transfer to Guntersville because it is about 30 minutes away from where he grew up in Madison. He also likes living near the lake. He was grateful to have the opportunity to live close to home.

He is married to Melanie and together they have three kids; Ryder (5), Kylie (3), and Raegan (3 months).

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