Kacie Wisener

Guntersville High's Kacie Wisener is all smiles with her volleyball scholarship in hand. 

A fierce competitor on the volleyball court for more than 4 years at Guntersville High, Kacie Wisener will continue her athletic career at Gadsden State next fall.

A late scholarship means she will get to play beyond high school, something that didn’t look like it was going to work out for awhile.

She recently signed to play college volleyball with Gadsden State.

It was pretty clear early on that Kacie was a special athlete. She moved up to the varsity at the end of her 8th grade year and played as an 8th grader.

She then played on the varsity all 4 years of high school. She is a setter.

She is the daughter of Mark and Lynne Wisener. Her brother Jake is a former Guntersville High quarterback who played at Jacksonville State and now works as a Guntersville firefighter.

In her career at GHS, Kacie went to regionals 3 times and state twice with her Wildcat teammates. Her toughness was one of her hallmarks.

She tore her meniscus her freshman year, then hurt it again her senior year right before the area tournament.

She missed precious little time her senior year. She saw a trainer for treatment, stayed out of practice for awhile and missed a few games.

“I hit a few balls the Sunday night before area on Monday,” she said. “It was the first time I had played in a few weeks. We beat Arab to go to regionals.”

After the season, she sent emails to various coaches looking for a place to play college ball.

Coach Connie Clark of Gadsden State informed her she’d love to have her, but had given out all her scholarships already.

“I thought, ‘That’s okay. I can play at Snead,’” Kacie said. “I really thought that was the route I was going to go.”

But that didn’t work out either.

“I wanted to keep playing, but it just didn’t look like it was going to work out,” Kacie said. “I decided to just give up volleyball and be done with it. That was 3 or 4 weeks ago.”

Then a surprise email came to Kacie. It was Coach Clark at Gadsden State, asking if she was still looking for somewhere to play.

“I’ve always loved Coach Clark,” Kacie said. “A spot had opened up and she wanted me to take it.”

Kacie signed last week.

“We have workouts planned over the summer, then summer orientation in August,” Kacie said.

Kacie comes from a Jacksonville State family and she hopes to go to JSU when she finishes at Gadsden State. She would like to be a Pre-K teacher and she’d love to coach volleyball someday, possibly at the middle school level.

If it worked out for her to return to Guntersville when that time comes, that would be even better, she said. 

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