It’s believed to be one of the largest team camps for volleyball teams in the entire nation.

72 teams will converge on Supreme Courts at Warrenton July 8-13 for the GHS Munciana Team Camp. It’s the 14th year for the giant team camp, Guntersville volleyball coach Jimmy Latta said.

24 varsity teams will play on July 8 and 9. JV teams will play July 10 and 11. The camp will finish up with middle school teams on July 12 and 13.

Providence Christian from Dothan will be coming the furthest distance.

The camp will definitely be a tourism boost to the city as many of the teams will stay in local hotels during the camp.

The camp has the funny name because it is led by coaches from the Munciana Volleyball Club located just outside of Muncy, Indiana.

“They are among the best when it comes to providing quality instruction,” Latta said. “You will have a wave of 12 teams for the first 2 hours of camp who come in for instruction. Then 12 more teams will come in.”

Each team is assigned a “camp coach” who will work with the team on specific game type scenarios.

“It’s team type skills instruction,” Latta said.

He said Guntersville is fortunate that Mike Lingenfelter of the Munciana club makes the trip each year.

“He’s known pretty much worldwide and is one of the best minds in volleyball,” Latta said. “He is constantly turnout out Division 1 volleyball talent from his personal club team. He is a walking encyclopedia of volleyball knowledge. We’re blessed that he likes to come to Guntersville.”

The Wildcat team graduated 3 seniors off last year’s team. They return 5 seniors this year.

“It’s going to be a unique bunch,” Latta said. “If we can fill a few little gaps, I think we have a chance to be pretty good.”

Guntersville will play a “daunting” schedule, Latta said, but that is by design. His theory year-in and year-out is you play tough, hard-nosed competition early to get ready for the playoffs.

“You want to be challenged, you want to be hit in the mouth,” he said. “I don’t care if we’re 35-30 on wins and losses as long as we’re playing well and still playing late.”

The Wildcats are trying to get back to the state tournament. A 9-year streak of making state ended 2 years ago, Latta said. The Wildcats got knocked out in the region 2 years ago and in a very tough area battle last year.

Guntersville’s area opponents are Arab, Brewer and Scottsboro.

“Last year at one point in the season, we were ranked No. 2, Arab was No. 3 and Brewer was No. 4,” Latta said.

The area will be tough again this season.

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