Marshall County’s Vondale Parker was scheduled to go before the Alabama Parole Board for possible parole consideration Tuesday.

The Parole Board sent out this statement concerning Parker:

Vondale Parker has had a long criminal career, with seven convictions in Marshall County. He was sentenced in 2017 to five years in prison for first-degree robbery and 15 years for promoting prison contraband. In 2013, he was sentenced to 10 years for possession of chemicals with the intent to manufacture drugs.

Parker was sentenced in 2005 to 15 years in prison on a case from 2003 for second-degree assault in Marshall County. The Gadsden Times reported Dec. 4, 2002 that Parker was charged by Albertville police with second-degree assault of his estranged girlfriend. The newspaper reported that according to Albertville Police Chief Benny Womack, Parker “picked up a sharp object and started cutting (the victim) with it. He made the statement that it was time for her to die.”

Parker served only five years of the 15-year sentence for that violent assault and then was paroled in 2008. In 1999, he was he sentenced to 15 years for a conviction for offenses-other class C felony. In 1996 he was sentenced to 15 years for second-degree arson and third-degree burglary.

Court of Criminal Appeals records show he had originally been given a split sentence for the arson and burglary cases, to serve six months in prison and the rest on probation, but that probation was revoked, and he was sent back to prison.

The Appeals Court records show he was released from prison again and placed on probation but that again he violated probation and was sent back to prison in 1999. All his crimes were committed in Marshall County.

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