The Marshall County Democratic Party kicked off their “Get Out The Vote” campaign with drive-thru voter clinics throughout the county on Labor Day.

“We distributed close to 100 voter packets to voters on Monday in the two hours of operation. Most voters also took advantage of the free photocopy of their driver’s license and the free pre-addressed, stamped envelope courtesy of the Doug Jones Senate campaign,” said Democratic County Chair Susan McKenney who coordinated the push with the help of volunteers from both the Marshall County Democratic Club and the Marshall County Young Democrats at eight locations.

McKenney said that the purpose of the clinics was to help make it easy for voters who want to vote by absentee ballot in the November 3 general election. Anyone can vote an absentee ballot in the general election because of a COVID-19 related emergency order that allows any voter to cite their reason as health-related, McKenney explained.

“In-person absentee voting began Wednesday, September 9, at the Courthouse in Guntersville. Voters can visit Circuit Clerk Angie Johnson’s office on the second floor, submit a completed absentee ballot application which she can provide, receive an absentee ballot, and vote on the spot,” McKenney said. 

Johnson is the Absentee Election Manager for Marshall County. Johnson’s office will also notarize absentee ballots for in-person absentee voters. McKenney says that the Democrats are offering free notary service for absentee ballot by-mail voters too.

“We have several notaries who have volunteered to certify absentee ballots and some will come to a voter’s home,” McKenney said. Those who need a notary can call McKenney at 256-558-1927.

Those who apply for an absentee ballot by mail should receive their absentee ballot in plenty of time to vote if they take action now, McKenney warns.

“It’s not uncommon in a normal election year for those who apply by mail at the last minute to receive their absentee ballot too late to vote," she said. "If a voter doesn’t receive the absentee ballot they applied for in time, they could go to their polling location on election day and vote a provisional absentee ballot but we suggest that absentee voters apply now and avoid that problem.”

McKenney explained that a provisional absentee ballot in that case is necessary because a voter’s name is removed from the official voter list at their location when the absentee election manager mails the voter an absentee ballot. The provisional absentee ballot will only be counted if it is determined that the absentee ballot was not voted.

The Democrats will be scheduling more drive-thru voter clinics this month.

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