RSVP Center

The new RSVP Center north of the river bridge is 95 percent complete. But an underground spring has been discovered in the parking lot and that is holding up completion of the facility. 

A wet weather spring found in the parking lot of the new RSVP building is hindering completion of the facility.

RSVP director Jean Ann Moon, who continues to recover from foot surgery, gave that report to the Guntersville City Council Monday night. She was there to give the annual report on RSVP’s activities for the past year. At the conclusion of her report, she talked about the building.

RSVP is building a large new center north of the river bridge, next to Freedom Marine and adjacent to County Park No. 1.

“We’re going on 2-1/2 years,” Moon said.

She said city clerk Betty Jones had told her there was an underground spring in the vicinity.

“We thought it was on the Freedom Marine property,” Moon said. “It turned out to be in our parking lot.”

She said they’re having to reconfigure their drainage plan to address it and it has hindered final grading of the parking lot.

“As far as the inside of the building, it’s 95 percent complete,” Moon said. “We hope to be calling you one day about our opening of the new building.”

“Maybe next year,” Mayor Leigh Dollar said.

“Oh, I hope it’s before that,” Moon said.

RSVP stands for Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Last year, the group’s 548 volunteers donated 69,617 hours of volunteer service in Marshall County. The new center will be the hub of their activities with space for their classes and programs. It also includes a large meeting room with smaller rooms around it that will also be available for community functions.

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