The Whole Backstage Community Theatre is currently fundraising to purchase a projector for the auditorium to provide new and special opportunities for audiences.

The Backstage will hold a benefit soup supper to be served one-hour prior to performances on Thursday, October 31, and Sunday matinees on October 27 and November 3 of Noises Off! Various soups, cornbread, tea, and desserts will be served in the reception room at the theatre. All proceeds of the $5 donation will go to the purchase and installation of a projector.

“We recently expanded use of our traditional performance space, and hosted two movie events, featuring ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ and ‘Apollo 13’ in celebration of the Alabama Bicentennial,” said Katherine Brewer, event coordinator. “With the generosity of Bob Crook, and an anonymous donor, we rented a projector both times for our films. To continue our movie series, we need our own equipment permanently installed for ultimate benefits. For some time, a projector has been on our wish list, with features and capabilities specific for our auditorium. It would provide many uses, for example: special effects, moving images, projected scenery, PowerPoint programs, and of course, more movies,”

Make plans to join theatre-goers for Noises Off! and some pre-show comfort food, social time, and be an important part of helping in the Backstage’s campaign for this special project.

“We sincerely appreciate and value our community that supports our efforts and continues to encourage us,” Brewer said.

For more information, call the WBS office during regular business hours at 256-582-7469.

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