This utility pole fell on Guntersville Animal Hospital in Wednesday night's strong winds. Lots of trees and limbs fell in the storm, causing scattered power outages around the county. 

Lots of wind damage came with the storms on Wednesday night, June 15. Though very little rain was recorded, lots of lightning and even more winds were reported.

Marshall County EMA reported several incidents across the county as the night went on because of the straight line winds. Several trees and powerlines were down all over Albertville, Boaz, and Arab, some blocking roads and intersections. There were even a few instances in Boaz and Albertville of a tree falling onto a transformer and causing a fire, and a tree falling on a house in Boaz with minimal damage.

Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said there was a power outage around his home at Five Points at 10:30 p.m. and also made note of the AT&T outage in the Guntersville area that lasted into Thursday morning.

One of the biggest incidents of the evening occurred at Guntersville Animal Hospital, where a power pole was damaged, completely bent over the side of the building. The fix took about 2-3 hours and affected the vet’s power.

Here are the recorded rain amounts and other information about the storm:

Albertville – 0 inches, lots of wind, Frank Baker

Martling – 0 inches, lots of wind, Buddy Taylor

Nixon Chapel – 0.3 inches, Larry Lambert

Guntersville WGSV – 0.1 inch, Kerry Jackson

Guntersville Northtown – 0.3 inches over the week, more wind than rain on Wednesday, John Gurley

Columbus City – 0 inches, just a trace with lots of wind, Dillard Greenwell

Swearengin – 0 inches, lots of wind and lightning, Martha Tellefson

Grant – 0.2 inches, Mike Giles

Five Points – 0 inches, lots of wind and lightning, Doris Bevill

Hebron Community – 0.1 inch, lots of wind and limbs down, Travis Dickson

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