To the Advertiser-Gleam:

Alabama law (11-43-56) says the City Council must approve expenditure of all city funds from all accounts. The Council allows the mayor complete control over the money and property of the city by being timid and not looking out for the folks.

Recently, the paper said the mayor green lighted paving of the rest of the walking trail, Farmers Market and other areas that amounted to several thousands of dollars, so I said, how’d that happen?

I knew it had not been approved by the Council. So I asked a couple of them. One replied, well I believe it was, but he didn’t really know. Well, I’ll check into it, the other said. I never heard back.

I knew it wasn’t approved or even brought up. If we had the accountability the law says that is grounds for the mayor and the contractor to pay back the money (not a valid contract without Council approval) and/or removal from office.

Recently, new gateway signs were built and they hired a landscape architect, of all things, from Birmingham to lay rock around them. The signs cost $150,000. Surrounding cities spent around $25,000 and less on theirs.

Of course, when the vote was called to approve, they all voted affirmative. Why don’t they vote what is best for the city?

It isn’t in our interest to spend that kind of money when we need a new school, or at any time.

If the Council were engaged in doing what is best for the citizens, they wouldn’t almost always vote affirmative. Talk to yours and ask why?

Recently, Councilman Randy Whitaker voted no on the short term rental deal. It shocked me that someone voted no.

We are about to spend big bucks on more walking trail and they all voted affirmative. There’s a lot of money floating around this city, folks ($22 million budget this year plus all the grants) and the people in charge of it are NOT good stewards.

$22 million is really good for a city this size. Boaz’s budget with 1,500 more people is $14 million, Greenville, Alabama,’s budget is $14 million.

Recently I read where Boaz was taking bids on a used SUV, with up to 50,000 miles on it for the mayor. That’s good stewardship.

I was at the meeting where the resolution came up to lease the harbor to a developer and the resolution passed unanimously and that was the first any of us had heard of it including one council member I spoke to (he heard 2 days prior). That tells me that rules could have been broken in putting this thing together.

If the law was violated, then the contract is null and void. If anything I’ve said you don’t believe or agree with, call me on it.

I guess I won’t be invited to any parties, but, heck, I go to bed early anyway.

Joel Kennamer


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