Kim LeCroy and her grandson Jon Thomas (J.T.) Whitaker went to Chattanooga on Sunday for the Donald Trump rally. He was at the McKenzie Center doing a campaign rally for Republican Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

J.T. is 8 years old and has been a big fan of Trump since before he was elected President. LeCroy said that he told their family that Trump would be the next President. This was J.T.’s second rally. He went with his mother to the rally in Huntsville.

Before getting into the McKenzie Center, LeCroy and J.T. had to wait outside for several hours. LeCroy said she looked online to see where a good place to park would be and then saw that the gates opened two hours before it was scheduled to start.

They arrived around 3:30 p.m. which was an hour after the doors opened. They stood in line for over two hours before they even entered the building. While waiting, they noticed multiple protesters and she had to explain to J.T. the reason they were there.

She said she told him that because we live in America that they had the right to protest as long as they did not cause harm to anyone. Although he understood, she said that he did not like it.

After getting into the building, they were hungry and went to get concession stand food; unfortunately, there was no more food. As they stood in line waiting on food, they noticed a guy with an ear piece. The gentleman that was in line asked if he was with Secret Service and the man kind of gave a nod.

They spoke with the man and asked when Trump would be there. The guy said that he had already landed. They also spoke about the number of people that could not attend. She heard that several thousand were not able to get into the building.

Once they found their seats, LeCroy was glad that they had the opportunity to be there. The seats were not perfect and were behind the stage but Trump did turn towards their section several times.

Vice President Mike Pence introduced Trump. When Trump entered the stage, Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the USA.” Trump had no idea that Greenwood was there, LeCroy said.

LeCroy said the rally started with a prayer and the pledge. After the pledge, they sang the “National Anthem” and LeCroy said when J.T. placed his "Make America Great Again" hat over his heart, she was truly touched. It was truly a proud moment for her, she said.

It is a memory that she will always cherish.

She said that J.T. has always been a Trump fan. He was friendly with all the people he met at the rally and allowed them to take pictures of him in his attire.

He continuously praises Trump and says that President Trump will make America great again. He dressed like Trump for Halloween and this year he made a Trump jack-o-lantern for school. He added a white house behind the pumpkin and added yellow yarn for the hair.

“J.T. just loves Donald Trump,” LeCroy said.

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