Last week, a bomb threat emailed to the school cleared Brindlee Mountain High School while law enforcement and staff searched the school.

Then a second threat came that there might be a student with a weapon.

Teachers, staff and law enforcement searched book bags to make sure no weapon was present.

Nothing was found and no one was injured in the incident, but it did lead to a lengthy evacuation of the school.

Now a suspect is in custody and the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office plans to charge him with making a terrorist threat. He was identified as a 14-year-old student at Brindlee Mountain. 

“For almost a week now, agencies across Marshall County have worked tirelessly on the bomb threat October 4 at Brindlee Mountain High School,” assistant chief deputy Steve Guthrie said in a statement.

“Friday afternoon, Marshall County investigators charged a male juvenile in this case with making a terroristic threat.

“The juvenile is currently being housed in a juvenile holding facility and will appear before a Marshall County Judge on Monday. We would like to thank the Albertville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, Marshall County District Attorney's Office, and Brindle Mountain High School administration for assisting in this case,” the statement concluded.

After the threat was emailed to the school, the principal immediately notified the Sheriff’s Office. Students at Brindlee Mountain High School and Brindlee Mountain Primary School were then evacuated until all searches were complete.

The Sheriff’s Office said protocol was followed to the letter.

Supt. Cindy Wigley said the student will likely face disciplinary action by the School Board as well. 

"The Marshall County School System has a Code of Conduct established by our Board of Education," Dr. Wigley said. "If the juvenile is a member of our school system, he will face disciplinary action by our Board of Education once the authorities have completed their work.

"I want to remind and assure parents we have policies and procedures in place for this type of behavior. I’m proud of how the local school administration handled this issue and how parents and students worked together to keep everyone safe. I cannot say enough about our SRO’s, Sheriff’s Department, Criminal Investigation Division of the Albertville Police Department and the Marshall County District Attorneys Office. There's nothing more important than providing a safe learning environment for our children."

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