To the Advertiser-Gleam:

I have been wanting to write this letter for a long time as it is one of the things I cringe every time I see it.

The flying of our flag should always be done properly, with respect and the knowledge of how to do it.

I drive through East Lake every day that I go to work (before daylight) and must see the flags that are attached to the electrical poles improperly. First off, I am not a fan of using indirect light to illuminate the flag, but the flag rules and regulations allows it as long as it is sufficient, so it is recognizable by the casual observer. With that being said, I do not believe light from 2 or 3 poles down would be considered sufficient. At least eight flags are attached to poles that do not have streetlights on them. I guess with all the windstorms that took many of the poles down or the vehicle accidents that also caused poles to be replaced, the lights and flag holders have not been matched up.

Someone with the powers that be had new flag holders put up which included pins through the flag poles so they would stay in and not pull out with the wind. Great idea! Now put them where they should be!

It is my “assumption” that the flags on East Lake would be flown on every other pole with a light attached which is far from what is being done.

If the flags cannot be flown properly on East Lake or any other part of the city, leave them in storage until they can be done properly with the respect they deserve.

Randy Vissers

USMC Retired

PO Box 122


(Editor's note: Randy Vissers is the commander of the local Disabled American Veterans chapter. What's your opinion? The Advertiser-Gleam accepts letters to the editor on local issues. Email them to Please include your phone number. We don't publish phone numbers, but like to have them for verification purposes. Letters to the editor should be 350 words or less and are the sole opinion of the writers and do not reflect the editorial position of The Advertiser-Gleam.)

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