To the Advertiser-Gleam:

In regards to the Saturday, November 20, Advertiser-Gleam article "4 women oppose veterans location," all I can say is yea, who would want to junk up "the walking trail green of the last unobstructed views of the Tennessee River on the peninsula," with obtrusive and nuisance veterans memorials?!

They should be put in a location, such as; "the bluff area of Lurleen Wallace Drive, the field with the beautiful tree across the street, or County Park 1," to not only ensure no "green space" is taken up by an eyesore, but also to make sure the selflessness and sacrifice of Guntersville's own servicemen and women goes un-noticed on a daily basis, especially by children, who might actually learn of the price paid, in blood, sweat, and tears, by their own citizens to even have the freedom of a "green space" in the first place.

Maybe these four women could use a little more self-reflection on the intestinal fortitude and commitment required to pave Freedom's Road, especially as to why those personal costs should never be hidden from public view, up on a hill, in a field, or at an out of city limits county park, only to be possibly recognized two days a year.

Lt. Col. John T Coffindaffer, USAF (ret)

Combat Air Rescue

Marshall County

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