To the Advertiser-Gleam:

It is inconceivable to me how anyone could be against a veterans memorial being placed in the space on Sunset Drive. How on earth could the ladies say it would interfere with weddings, receptions, family gatherings, large reunions, and people on blankets. It would be laughable, if not in reality so tragic.

The memorial would not be an inconvenience to any of the activities the ladies state. Perhaps it would behoove them to attend one of the Veterans Memorial programs in an area where speakers and the rendition of Taps are not drowned out by auto and truck traffic. Rather than fight the Memorial, I would like to the ladies to go and visit Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

Oh, while you're there, be sure and visit all the various war memorials and then return and tell me this one offends you. Here is a quote, and I can't remember who said it, "The Good Lord knew what He was doing when He only gave us about 8 decades. He knew we couldn't stand any more."

After reading the ladies' quotes, I know exactly how the originator of that said and felt.

Terry Saulsbury

Guntersville, ALĀ 

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