Claysville Leak

Reader Ronnie Whitaker says taking a few precautions would have made repair of this leaking pipe much safer. The photo ran in the Gleam a few weeks ago.

To the Advertiser-Gleam:

What do you see in the photo above?

This is not intended to be critical of anyone. It comes from a person with 40-plus years of experience in the construction industry. 

Safety is the issue. The intent is to show employees what they need to know about safety issues that could save them from serious injury or even potential death. This is what I see. 

The employees are in the trench with no safety measures as required by OSHA. Any trench 5 feet deep or deeper should have safety measures. 

Excavated soil is supposed to be at least 2 feet from trench edges.

Equipment is to be away from trench edges when employees are in the trench. 

Material used is to be 2 feet from trench edges.

OSHA standards also require personnel to wear high visibility clothing when exposed to vehicular traffic.

A competent person should be on site of a repair like this identifying and predicting potentially hazardous working conditions. 

Workers have a lot of rights when it comes to making sure they are protected. 

Ronnie Whitaker


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(1) comment

The article in question does not specify if this photo is of contractors or a public utility.

Please note that the above photo is NOT the Guntersville Water Works and Sewer Board.

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