To the Advertiser-Gleam:

First and foremost, education is and will always be of great importance to me, being an educator for 4 decades back in the “old”

days where you had to work for what you got.

I realize time has changed, but maybe not for the better, especially when you have elected “politicians” tell you one thing, then do something else.

Put simply, Mayor Dollar and the City Council did not tell us citizens the entire truth before we voted NO for the tax to build the new school.

But afterwards, they came out with “their story.” Why then? I believe they wanted the vote to go their way, but it didn’t. So now we as citizens and elderly are paying for their actions.

Much more can and should be said. The Freedom of Information Act

(FOIA) of 1966 can and should be acted upon.

One day soon, these concerts will be on their backs.

Wait for it. There will be new taxes (in some form) coming very soon!

It would be a “breath of fresh air” to have city officials tell the whole truth and facts, then and now, not afterward. But their day is coming!

Martha Smith,

Guntersville, AL

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