The Alabama House Republican Caucus on Thursday announced that State Rep. Wes Kitchens (R - Arab) has been elected to serve as its vice chair, a position that allows him to lead the group when House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter (R - Rainsville) is absent or unavailable.

“I am deeply grateful for the trust and confidence that my Republican colleagues have placed in me, and I look forward to serving as their vice chair,” Kitchens said. “I’ll work hard every day to support the Caucus leadership, promote the conservative agenda that House Republicans share, and ensure that our party retains its legislative supermajority for many years to come.”

Elected to the House in 2018, Kitchens is among the few freshmen legislators in history to hold such a prominent leadership position.

He serves on the House Commerce and Small Business; Transportation, Utilities, and Infrastructure; Ways and Means General Fund; and Health committees.

In June of 2021, Kitchens was elected co-chair of the Joint Legislative Commission on Expanding Access to Quality Pre-kindergarten Early Education Programs, a panel designed to promote early childhood education opportunities across at the state.

Kitchens is employed as an agent at Holloway and Hunt Insurance and previous served as president of the Arab Chamber of Commerce. During his time at the chamber he focused on workforce and community development as well as working with local businesses to grow the local economy.

Involved in numerous aspects of the Arab community and surrounding areas, he has served on the boards of the Marshall County Leadership Challenge, Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Junior Achievement, and Marshall County Christmas Coalition.

Kitchens has also held positions on the Arab Industrial Board, Arab Commercial Development Authority, and the Arab Education Foundation. He is a member of the Arab First Baptist Church, where he taught youth Sunday school.

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