It may be summertime, but high school sports haven’t slowed down a lick.

June is a busy month for a lot of high school teams, as the rules generally allow various sports to get in play dates and camps. The Guntersville High baseball team is no exception.

“We’re playing a few games this month,” GHS baseball coach Kenny Chaffin said. “All of our games are on the road.”

There’s a dual reason for that. Some work is due on the baseball field. But even more than that, the Highway 431 side of the GHS campus has become a work zone as the auditorium, bandrom and ag department are razed to make room for the new high school.

Guntersville is playing 3 weeks this month. They’ve already played Glencoe, Plainview and DAR. They took off this week. They will play Brewer next week.

Summer ball is a good deal more laid back than baseball during the regular season.

“We have a good time and it’s about getting some young guys some experience,” Coach Chaffin said. “We have several guys who are also playing travel ball, so we play our games early in the week so they can do their travel ball late in the week.”

The team doesn’t even wear their regular jerseys, but wears red T-shirts instead and the coaches can wear shorts.

“It has been a real good summer,” Coach Chaffin said. “Coach Brad Lett is working with our pitchers. The kids have done well. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and they kids get some extra work, some extra at-bats. We try to play some teams we might not see in the regular season.”

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