Coach Keith Garner

Brindlee Mountain head football coach Keith Garner is happy to see numbers up on both the varsity squad and the youth league.

Brindlee Mountain head football coach Keith Garner was thrilled with the turnout of high school and middle school players for spring workouts, which ended just before the school’s graduation on May 17.

Upward of 55 players came out, including more than 30 high schoolers, and there are hopes of a few more before the season starts this August.

But Garner might’ve been happier with the news that, for the first time in probably a decade, there will be a youth football program featuring three different teams in the Brindlee Mountain area this fall.

Rocky Knepper, park director for Brindlee Mountain-area rec sports, confirms there are enough players signed up already to field teams in the 5-7, 8-9 and 10-12 age groups, but more are welcome to join the fun (call him at 256-640-5416 by today, June 5, to sign up by phone).

“It’s a new day at Brindlee Mountain,” the ever-optimistic Garner said. “We had a good spring and I’ve got a good feeling about the peewee program.”

Knepper confirmed this is the first youth football program in at least 10 years. Home games will be played at the Brindlee Mountain High School field. The first games are scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 14.

With summer school starting soon (June 7), Garner expects participation in summer workouts to be high. Even though football will be sharing a lot of athletes with baseball and basketball in June, Garner said there will be plenty of time to get a team ready for the start of preseason practice in early August.

“The last week of July, we’ll have some competitions in the weight room and on the field, and we might possibly have some 7-on-7s,” he said. “The season’s going to be here before you know it.”

Nick Bolding returns as the middle school head coach.

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