Cooper Davidson

Guntersville's Cooper Davidson made the 2021 AHSAA All-Star basketball team. He is one of 15 players chosen to play on the North squad.

Guntersville’s Cooper Davidson has been selected to the 2021 AHSAA All-Star basketball team for his efforts this past season.

As a junior, Davidson averaged 16 points per game and shot 41 percent from the three-point line. He also shot 74 percent from the free throw line.

The game will be played in July on the campus of Alabama State University in Montgomery. Davidson is one of 15 players chosen to the roster. His head coach, Brett Self, said it’s a significant accomplishment to make the All-Star roster in basketball.

“I think making the All-Star basketball roster has to be the toughest roster to make,” he said. “There’s only 30 chosen for both teams. When you think about how many players are in the state of Alabama it makes it that much more impressive. Cooper is a great person to represent Guntersville in this game and we’re very excited for him.”

Through 22 games Davidson scored 334 total points. He recorded 40 steals, 92 rebounds and 79 assists. Davidson will begin his senior season this coming year and said there’s much more for him to improve on.

“I think between my sophomore and junior year I got better at shooting the ball from the three,” he said. “I work on my game all year long and want to continue getting better. I’m happy to have been chosen to the All-Star team but there’s a lot of aspects of my game I can improve.”

Davidson posted some All-Star offensive stats this season despite missing four games with an ankle injury. Coupling an ankle injury to go along with playing an important role on the football team proves the junior’s athletic ability.

“Cooper came right in from football season averaging 20 points per game,” Self said. “That really says a lot about how much work he puts in year-round. If you watched the football team last season, then you know what an important player he was on that team.”

Despite being an All-Star, Davidson isn’t immune to receiving some tough coaching from Self. He said he welcomes tough coaching and learns from it.

“I want to be coachable and do what I need to do to help the team,” he said.

Self added, “There are kids you can coach hard and others you can’t. Cooper is one of those who can be coached hard. He has a unique ability to realize that tough coaching is meant to make him better. We know as coaches that Cooper has a level he hasn’t gotten to yet. One of the biggest assets to his game is the ability to be coached. This experience in the All-Star game is going to be good for him and Guntersville.”

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