The Guntersville Wildcats took the field to prepare for the 2019 season with a spring game against the Sardis Lions on Saturday, May 18.

Coming off a 3-7 football season last year, the Wildcats and head coach Lance Reese seemed eager to start off the new season. Guntersville won the coin toss and chose to receive against the Lions in the first half of the varsity game.

At the end of the first quarter, the Sardis Lions were leading 6-0. The first touchdown for the Wildcats came when Logan Pate, sophomore quarterback, passed to senior wide receiver Campbell Leach at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

The two interceptions of the varsity half also came in the 2nd quarter of the game. The first from John Ryan Shirley, junior cornerback and wide receiver, and the second from Clay Adams, senior middle linebacker and wide receiver.

The second quarter was ended by a field goal, making the final score of the varsity half of the game 10-6.

The second half of the game played by the junior varsity started with a touchdown from Cooper Davidson, sophomore cornerback and wide receiver. The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 7-6 with the Wildcats ahead. The junior varsity half of the game ended with a score of 7-6, leading Guntersville to a victory.

The Guntersville Wildcats ended their spring game with 11 first downs, 45 yards rushing, and 110 yards passing; the Sardis Lions had 8 first downs, 110 yards rushing, and 53 yards passing.

The regular season and next game for the Guntersville Wildcats will be Friday, August 23, at North Jackson.

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