Jerrell Williamson (4) received an official offer to play football at Faulkner University next fall. He was a standout on the defensive side of the ball for Guntersville in 2020 but also contributed running the ball on offense.

While no official decision has been made yet, Guntersville senior Jarrell Williamson is as close to choosing Faulkner as he could be.

The Faulkner Eagles offered Williamson a football scholarship earlier this month. The stand-out linebacker on the 2020 Guntersville football team said he was convinced Faulkner was the place for him after his first visit.

“I just really enjoyed everything about my visit,” Williamson said. “The campus and facilities are very nice and I like all the coaches especially my position coach Bernard Goodrum. Faulkner is a laid-back place and it just felt like home to me.”

The Faulkner Eagles run a 4-2 defensive scheme, which features two linebackers and four defensive linemen. Williamson is coming out of a Guntersville scheme that runs a 3-3.

“I feel like I would definitely fit in well to the defensive scheme at Faulkner,” Williamson. “I played a few different linebacker positions while at Guntersville. I know I’m confident I’ll be able to learn the 4-2 scheme.”

Another benefit Faulkner offers that no other school can is C.J. Williamson. C.J. is a junior at Faulkner and just got done with an All-American performance with the Faulkner basketball team. Williamson said having big brother to help along will be a big plus.

“C.J. will be a huge help for me just because he’s been there for a while and knows the place really well,” he said. “He’s been through it all and will definitely motivate me. We’re very close so it’ll be great having him down there to help me and push me.”

Williamson said he got the news from Faulkner about the scholarship offer the day after a loss in the family.

“My grandmother passed away on March 8 and I was supposed to go to Faulkner the day after for another visit,” he said. “But I was pretty tore up about losing her and decided to hold off on visiting. Faulkner called me and I told them I wouldn’t be able to make it down. They said they were just calling to tell me I would be getting an offer to play football. It definitely lifted my spirits that’s for sure.”

Williamson has a few more weeks to officially announce his decision to accept the offer from Faulkner. Between now and the time he leaves to become an Eagle, Williamson said he’s got some work to do.

“I want to be at least 210 pounds before I get down there,” said Jerrell, who currently weighs 180. “I want to be ready to play immediately and contribute anyway I can. I’m just really excited and excited to get out on the field and play.”

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