LakeRidge Cup

Two golf teams representing Guntersville and Arab competed against one another last month for the inaugural LakeRidge Cup. The Gunter's Landing team defeated the Cherokee Ridge team 24-16.

Back on Sept. 12 and 13, golfing groups from Gunter’s Landing and Cherokee Ridge got together for the inaugural LakeRidge Cup Golf Tournament.

One of the golfers to participate for the Gunter’s Landing team was Brad Bruce. He was also one of the organizers. After two days of competition, it was the Gunter’s Landing team to win the inaugural tournament by a score of 24-16.

“This idea came up between me, Bradley Wisener, Martin Hester and Joe Beam,” Bruce said. “We thought of making the same kind of format as the Ryder Cup. Both clubs have wanted to do this for several years now. I’m really glad we were able to get it together. It was a blast and I’m sure it’ll happen annually now.”

On Sept. 12, the tournament took place at Gunter’s Landing. The two groups played 27 holes on day one. The first nine holes were a 2-man scramble, second nine was a 2-man shamble and the last nine was best ball.  On Sept. 13, the groups played singles matches for 18 holes.

The Gunter’s Landing team consisted of Joe Beam, Brad Bruce, John Doyle, Jody Brown, Kenneth Downs, Tim Hayes, Lendell Glassco, Martin Hester, Nick Lee, Tony Lee, Randall Martin, JD Miles, Rick Moody, Jim Simpson, Ryan Stewart and Rick Wheeler.

The Cherokee Ridge team consisted of Russell Bobo, Michael Chamness, Kevin Hawk, David Hill, Stacey Isom, Adam Jacobs, Clay Kelly, Hugh Knighton, Mike Lewis, Bo Morgan, Justin Rogers, Barry Solomon, Roger Watson, Bradley Wisener, Nick Wood and John York.

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