The three new ball fields going up along Sunset Drive near the Guntersville Rec Center are nearing completion despite numerous setbacks.

Crews have been working since May of last year to get the new complex finished by this spring. While it might not be completely finished by then, J.J. Pendergrass, project superintendent for Chorba Contracting, said the field should be in use by April.

“We’ve dealt with lots of rain, COVID issues and now cold since beginning the project,” he said. “At one point, we had a concrete out for a week and a half due to COVID. When they came back, it was too wet to work. Even though we’ve had all these hang-ups, we’re still looking good to play games by the beginning of April.”

Canopy supports have been installed on the fields closest to the tennis courts. The canopies on the furthest field are being installed now.

“The city came up with the design for the canopies to resemble the wooden arches at Errol Allan Park,” Pendergrass said. “City officials want to start implementing that design theme throughout the parks.”

Right now, gravel fills in the walking spaces between the fields. Pendergrass said those areas will eventually be covered with brick pavers. A rock wall surrounding the two fields backed up against the lake will serve as a sitting wall and the new, spacious concession stand will serve the crowds that come out to watch games.

“Our crews have been working hard to get it done and we feel like it’s going to look really good,” Pendergrass said. “Our goal is to be able to play games by April and be completely done on into May.”

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