The White Skunk

The white skunk that frequented the author's porch is no longer. There were lots of close calls before the creature - dubbed Moby Skunk for its nearly all-white coat - was caught. A longtime trapper friend said he'd never seen one with that much white. 

A white skunk has been hanging around our house. It has been a pain because he comes around at night, eats cat food and then the area around the house smells like skunk.

I dubbed the creature “Moby Skunk” because it’s white, like the white whale of fiction, it has been my nemesis and despite 3 or 4 encounters, I had yet to kill it. In a previous installment, I told how it nearly got me, charging straight at me but I was able to turn it with suppressive fire from a 9mm pistol and I narrowly avoided being sprayed.

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