It’s almost time to hit the field and play ball at the Guntersville Rec Center as baseball and softball opening day is set for April 3.

Festivities will begin at 10 a.m. on Bill Moore Field. The ceremony will include acknowledging the members of the Rec Center Board, City Council and mayor. The parade of teams will also take place on April 3 before the games officially begin.

This year, there will be a total of 22 teams between four-year-olds all the way up to 12-year-olds.

Here are the rosters for each team along with coaches:


Coach Benjamin Tootle

Jana Ray

Enzley Spires

Mollie Mason

Beau Tootle

Bristol Gedling

Greyson Mayer

Cross Barnes

Remi Nalier

Mack Payton

Nathon Brown

Omar Zavala

Finn Reno

Coach Cole Baker

Riley Richards

Sadie George

Rhodes Baker

Pyer Wood

Ilene Elliot

Rhett Brown

Nicholas McCormack

Casper Collett

Josiah Henegar

Brooks Payne

Cooper Lett

Jaz Morgan

Coach Jordan Elliot

Henry Bishop

Triston Belvins

Cole Elliot

William Wood

Luke Brazelton

Rahlin Varrell

Emmaline Brown

Magha Lauer

Conner Hasty

Grayson Haney

Macie Elliot

Ellison Cahill


Coach Tyson Littlejohn

Atchley Carter

Aubrey Littlejohn

Dallas Watts

Mastin Miller

Ollie Wood

Landon Christensen

Davis Christensen

Griffen Buchanan

Mallie Skidmore

Nash Clark

Cameron Madden

Reese Ward

Coach Trent Hand

Hudson Carlisle

Brody Giroir

Gannon Hand

Iker Lorenzo

Nolan Drake

Judd Shelton

Michael Belvins

Rylee King

Isaiah Ekis

Parker Jester

Owen Jumper

Olivia Tucker

Coach Shannon Cahill

J.D. Creech

Bryson Walker

Cohen Cahill

Jed Meredith

Anderson Meredith

Judah Douglas

Jonathan Gary

Gracelin Dee

Jack Thompson

Lucas Gross

Foster Partain

Suuny Scott

Coach Clay Campbell

Cullom Clay

Nelly Richards

Mack Waldrop

Grey Segain

Tanner Jones

Jack Lang

Cash Hooper

Alec Brothers

Elisa Larson

Jackson Beck

Emery Hampton

Arvella Lang

Coach Cole Baker

Finley Morris

Carter Elliot

Reid Baker

Parker Tolbert

Brannan Floyd

Tyler Shields

Cameron Rose

Baylor Hendrix

Jaxon Martin

Cole Ayers

Bakland Krahenbill

Brooklyn Hodge

Coach Richard Mason

Will Bodine

Garner Lett Mac Blocker

Mary Shelton

Frank Ray

John Mason

Leslie Ann Buckley

Roland Mashburn

Nick Queen

Carson Minor

Ella Foutch

Emma Foutch


Coach Cody Burgess

Kenzie Charles

Jessie Sims

Kaierii Brown

Tynslee Venable

Ava Shelton

Edna Cowart

Emma Case

Sawyer Burgess

Elizabeth Whitley

Kaitlyn Lauer

Sophie Rickey

Julia Barker

Malone Partain

Kensley Venable

Rylee Beck

9/10 GIRLS

Coach Eric Mason

Brianna Martin

Addie Rule

Addison King

Emily Abbade

Tymberlee Harris

Ella Carr

Payton Handrich

Anna Larson

Bryla Hawkins

Jessa Ellis

Campbell Britt

Allison Scott

Curstin Spurgeon

Kyndel Gray

11/12 GIRLS

Coach Scott Grey

Italey May

Koda Charles

Layla Potter

Jasmine Maney

Gracie Bunch

Annie Mac Altom

Taylor Lemons

Skylee Madden

Haley Taylor

Madison Wood

Karli Gray

Latavia Spurgeon

7/8 BOYS

Coach Caleb Ehmke

Ridge Belvins

Evan Ehmke

Ryan Ehmke

Jayden McDonald

Nicholas Addabe

Darick Chapman

Will Stone

Korbin Smith

Arlon Turner

Coach Shannon Cahill

Milon Epperson

Maxwell Epperson

Camp Cahill

Luke Isom

Mason Pritchett

Cam Pierce

Jack Ellis Carr

Mack MaCormick

Cooper Blackwood

Ryan Quinn

Coach Chad Stephenson

Isaac Gulley

Jake Taylor

Logan Christenson

Grayson Graham

Easton Stephenson

William Carnley

Hudson Thomas

Grayson Wood

Parker Jackson

Kaden Hand

Coach Matt Everett

Nick Pierce

Grayson Klir

Hunter Carlisle

Harley Carlisle

Michael Giles

Taytum Carpenter

Joseph McCurdy

Knox Everett

Hank Howard

9/10 BOYS

Coach Nick Couch

Logan Bodine

Eli Couch

Everitt Seymour

Colton Littlejohn

Cole Everitt

Cooper Johnson

Isaiah Corona

Callen Barker

Forrest Lang

Charles Boiles

Damon Boiles

Coach Will Wood

Jett Peterson

Jace Sims

Tanner Wood

Khalil Jones

Tucker Madden

Oliver Skidmore

Maddox Tolbert

Brocks Carpenter

Jake Freitog 

Trenton Towers

Coach Brady Wood

Brayden Jumper

Evan Christenson

Ryker Wood

Dallas Watts

Preston Gable

Sam Slusher

Ryker McBride

Jake Rogers

Dakota Cloud

Logan Eubanks

Bentley Eubanks

Coach Brother Whitaker

Rylee McClain

Jon Thomas

Garrett George

Will Whorten

Nick Pierce

Parker Rhodes

Trey Newsom

Josiah Kitchens

Bentley Dixon

Bentley Sistruck

11/12 BOYS

Coaches Will Ainsworth & Gerald Carter

William Hatfield

Elijah Corona

Taylor Cooper

Henry Robertson

Matthew Houk

Grayson Richardson

Justin Woodley

Chance Black

Hunter Ainsworth

Hays Ainsworth

Parker Nelson

Miller Mastin

Janson Davis

Parker Vaughn

Clint Carter

Travis Carter

Nala Epperson

Mason Justice

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