Nearly 200 people participated in the 2021 Wild Irish run hosted by the Guntersville Rec Center last Saturday morning. 

Runners from near and far gathered Saturday morning to take part in the 43rd annual running of the race. More than 100 runners participated in the 5K run and a total of 68 runners tested their strength in the 10K race.

The cool weather and overcast skies made Saturday morning a perfect setting for the race. Folks from as far away as Florida participated in the year’s race. Orion Sports Timing was on hand to tally all the times.

Randy Beyl, 37, of Guntersville, was the top finisher in the 10K race with a time of 39:45.

Here are the top finishers from the 5K portion of the race:

1 – Daniel Leija, 17:59

2 – Vincent Rivera, 21:04

3 – Corbin Carbone, 21:17

4 – Belinda Franco, 21:18

5 – Tam Warren, 21:21

6 – Addison Godwin, 23:13

7 – Steven Miles, 23:13

8 – Randy Turner, 23:48

9 – Luke Mosley, 25:02

10 – Perla Nunez, 25:06

 Here are the top finishers from the 10K portion of the race:

1 – Randy Beyl, 29:45

2 – Brett Hulgan, 39:51

3 – Daniel Tribble, 40:15

4 – Adrian Gonzalez, 40:24

5 – Parker Smith, 42:14

6 – Alberto Silva, 42:32

7 – Tristan Potter, 43:42

8 – Jake Ellis, 43:45

9 – Vlises Hernandez, 44:55

10 – Jill Roberts, 46:29

 All the results from the 5K and 10K races can be found at

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